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Welcome to Tarot, Stars, & Art with Tel

Hi, I'm Tel! (Tellis)

Thank you for visiting.

I am so happy you are here and I cannot wait to connect with you! 


        Here's a bit about me: I am lifelong lover and enthusiast of all things art, astrology, mythology, nature, universal energies, and storytelling.  I have always been fascinated by the way all of these subjects are interconnected and depict undeniable archetypes of the human experience.  So, discovering tarot in 2019, a practice that integrates so many of these universal languages into a single accessible deck of 78 cards, absolutely changed my world.  It allowed me to name my feelings, trust my intuition, identify my experiences as separate and outside of myself, and ultimately hack my own life by working with the energies flowing towards me rather than against them.  I am now obsessed.  This is my passion.


         I created Tarot with Tel in 2021 with the intention to share my knowledge and creative work on these topics, as well as to provide personal readings for the openminded, the passionately curious, and the growth-oriented folks whose lives intersected with mine somewhere along the way.  Over the last 2 years, I have witnessed those individuals step into their intuition, their knowing, their power through accessing this universal knowledge and it has been stunning and inspiring. 

       As such, my approach to reading tarot is highly educational in nature, extremely centered on art interpretation, and relies on my own intuition as well as that of the seeker.  It is my intention with every client, and with the creation of this site, to provide the foundational materials so that the seeker can use these tools I have found so deeply integral to my own self discovery and  development on their own and always.  If you explore this site, along with a portal to set up readings with me, you will find countless sources to aid in your accumulation of knowledge on these topics, my own synthesis of this information through writing and art (I'm in the beginning stages of making my own tarot deck and astrological oracle deck), and more.

Knowledge is power, my loves! Let's share it.





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Quote about connecting with like-minded people and doing whatever you want despite what other people think, knowledge is power

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